Group Fitness

I have always been a fan and participant of group fitness classes. Ever since the days of step and ‘hi-lo’ aerobics, I knew it was something I loved and was good at. Eventually routines got repetitive and boring and I would try to find ways to make them more innovative or challenging. This led me to seek out a group fitness instructor certification with CanFitPro and become an instructor myself. That was 19 years ago and I am still going strong! I have choreographed and taught routines for step, high intensity interval training, bootcamp, pump/strength, kickboxing and everything in between!

Indoor Cycling

I discovered indoor cycling (aka spinning) back in 2003 when I just had my first son. I was heading back to the gym classes (taught by others) while on maternity leave and decided to try out this new class on stationary bikes. Well, after that one ride alone, I was hooked! I kept going back and couldn’t get enough. I completed a Schwinn cycling instructor certification the following year in 2004 and have been teaching since. Even today it is one of my favourite classes to teach. I have told many people, I could literally ‘spin all day’ I love it that much. Music is everything in spinning, and music is an addiction (if such a thing exists) for me!


All throughout my teenage and university years, I worked as a swim instructor and lifeguard. I love the water and swimming, so it only made sense to bring my love of exercise into the pool environment. I learned that to do aquafit correctly, you actually try to oppose and resist moving through the water, not become streamlined and fluid with it.

Aquafitness is an excellent way to exercise for anyone who does not like the discomfort of impact activities such as land fitness, running, etc. The water allows for greater mobility and muscular strength without any pressure on the joints. Most people who suffer from back, knee, hip or shoulder pain find that aquafit allows them to exercise effectively without futher damaging their injury.

But aquafit is not just for the mature, rehab crowd. Aquafit can challenge even the fittest athletes when they execute resistance movements with speed and power in proper form. I always include challenging ‘circuits’ in my classes to get participants feeling a little breathless and feel their muscles working hard. I recommend everyone give aquafitness a chance.

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